Judge revokes bail and remands 6 accused of murder

On Wednesday 5th February 2020, Justice Monfred Sesay ordered the detention of six people accused of murder after their defense counsel from the Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board (LAB) O.C Spencer-Coker said she will no longer represent them. The six accused, Sylvester Fonnie, Alusine Koroma, Sheik Mohamed Koroma, David Cole, Sheka Lahai and Lovetta Maxmela Cole, were accused of killing Mohamed Kabbah Kargbo during a land dispute at Metchem on 9th April 2017. Sometime in 2019, the first counsel representing them ceased. The Judge urged the LAB counsel to take over the matter. At first she was reluctant stating the accused should first go to her office and follow the procedure. The Judge however prevailed on her and she accepted but urged that they endeavor to go to her office and follow the procedure. The Judge then granted bail to the six murder accused’s. Spencer-Coker told the Court on Wednesday 5th February 2020, since she started representing the accused, they have never attended her office as per the agreement. She said she was withdrawing her representation. The accused, who were standing in the dock, looked surprised. They attempted to inform the Court they had visited the counsel’s office. The Judge did not entertain them. The Judge ordered the six accused to be remanded into custody until next Wednesday.


By Edna Browne-Dauphine

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