Justice Bankole Thompson Judge guides Blyden on hypothetical line of questioning

Person of interest (POI) Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has been advised by Justice Bankole Thompson not to focus on hypothetical line of questioning as the Commission is not investigating hypothesis or opinions. Cross examining an Officer from the Family Support Unit (FSU) Ibrahim Khalil Sesay, Blyden said that the witness said in his testimony that there is an allegation that former Attorney General Joseph F. Kamara and former Director of Public Prosecution Sulaiman Bah were part of the plot to ensure that she is protected. It could be recalled that during examination in chief State Counsel Robert B. Kowa asked the witness about the Police recommendation in exhibit (MSW) S-1-10 on page 10, in which they asked the Office of the Attorney General that Blyden being a Minister of State should be released for interview and also release the unknown men.

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