‘Last year’s Achievement was great’- Sammah Sesay

The Chairman for the Central One Football Association (COFA) Sammah Sesay has stated that last year’s achievement was great as they were able to accomplish most of their plans.
He added that all the leagues that they organized were a success and no serious incident occurred during the competition.
He also revealed that during the league most people were able see new crop of players that have been eye marked by divisions and premier league clubs which is good for the game.
Chairman Sesay said this is a New Year they and they are planning ahead of the year. “As an executive we are going to meet to have a calendar of activities for the whole year.”
He also stated that this year they are going to have a lot of seminars so that football stakeholders will be abreast with the rules of the game.
Chairman Sesay said the first competition this year will be the non division league which will be followed by the inter area competition and others.