Local produce will not be contracted to non-resident businesses  -Finance Minister

Finance Minister, Jacob Jusu Saffa has revealed that the ongoing amendment of the Procurement Act as directed by the President will not allow non-resident businesses to be awarded contract for local produce. The National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) he said is currently working with the Law Officer’s Department to amend certain sections of the Act. “It is absurd for a firewood contract in Kailahun to be contracted to somebody based in Freetown. All goods that can be produced locally we will contract the people permanently resident in those districts. If a company wants a contract in any district they have got to be resident there” he said. Speaking at a two-day workshop with Local and Chiefdom Councils on enhancing effective revenue mobilisation, the Minister disclosed also that the World Bank will be providing a grant of $50 million to support the councils capacity to mobilise revenue. He also stated that after the review of the Local Government Act the Ministry of Finance is committed to pay full salaries and service benefits to Chairmen of Councils and so he urged them to come up with projects that can generate revenue.

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