Love war: Queennak and Morris battle on love and hate’s thin line  

The most celebrated romantic amorous birds seems to have just crossed that thin line between love and hate. The once fairy-tale romance is now a social media nightmare, as celebrated lovey-doves Queennak and Morris engages on heavy mudslinging on social media. Morris allegedly took the first jab ‘teasing Queennak.’ However Queennak reacted, without hesitation by revealing Morris’ sly gossip about other artists. And further explained about being defame by Morris. “He started telling people how my guy in California kicked me out of his house, so I went to stay in Maryland to seek refuge, and that my passport has expired in the US which are all lies. This got me to react on him.”

Tuesday 20th August 2019, Queennak became deadly coldblooded on Facebook allegedly revealing Morris’ bedroom gossip about other artists, after earlier posting a live Facebook video. Queennak explained that the relationship became estrange because Morris is not serious, and “I hate staying around unserious people. He even blocked me from working with other artists in Sierra Leone, I kept cool because I didn’t want to hurt him.”  Further added he “cheats on me many times. He is always after petty girls. Memish Bee always used to called and abuse me, saying that she is the fiance of Morris.” According to Morris it’s over between him and Queennak, and it was Willie Jay who called him and gave Queennak the phone and started abusing him. Though he earlier posted that video Queennak called him later and said in another post that “Willie jay na you start all this oh. Cause na you call me phone. Ar bin Dey peaceful but it’s ok,” Morris. He further even he thought it was over, Adam would always go after him with jealous talks with abuses. “It was becoming too much for me and I wanted to address this thing but I am restraining myself in order not to give her the attention she needed.” He explains how Ada was always jealous with him. “She went to the US and started acting up that I’m dating.” On that same claim, Queennak said Morris was always cheating when they were together. “He did it so many times when we were together. He did something bad to me in the US but I managed to forgive him.” “I suffered since I was 17, so I wanted to be serious. I advised him to be serious. I told him you are the only artist signed at Visual Arts Media, therefore start releasing songs frequently in order for you to grow. Regarding the call Willie Jay placed on Morris, Ada /Queennak said it was Morris who has been after Willie Jay to plead for then to get together again. So she took the phone from Willie and abused him. She said what got her more annoyed is because Morris said in a post that it was Ada who called him, which Ada said was untrue and Morris retracted by blaming Willie Jay for making the call. A year ago, the couple was the best thing everyone was talking about especially when their romantic posts were so mesmerising to the fans. They met in the US in 2017 when Morris went to perform at the All Stars Music Festival and Ada was there to shoot for her reality TV Show  (Rolling With The NAKS). They fell for each and it was a cool ride. They came to Sierra Leone started doing some development activities by helping the needy. It was awesome seeing them together. Morris helped Queennak to do her first music ever titled – ‘The Money Day Ya.’ She extended her painting career, charity work, modeling, reality TV host, to the field of music. Ada is an all-rounded figure in entertainment and charity works. Morris on the other is a top RnB and Afro Pop artist who has done tremendously well in the shortest possible time. Last night’s outburst was too unfortunate from both ex-couple. The worst part of these developments is the fact that many things they said or gossiped for other celebrities have been brought to the public.

The first shades from Morris read as follows:

“D secret way ar tell me friend. Na e me enemies dem tok Mortal man”

“All your broskies disappear when the going gets bad ”lotta em only around when the sun is pointing at you .. Remember who got your back during your darkest hours.. (just a message to someone I know)”