Massahun village, Dodo chiefdom, cries for safe drinking water

Residents of Massahun village in Golama section, Dodo chiefdom, Kenema district are calling on government and humanitarian organisations to immediately come to aid their need for safe drinking water. Village resident Sulaiman Moriba said for too long Massahun has been in desperate need of safe drinking water. He noted the community has two non-functioning hand dug pumps failing to serve the community “as they are always dry, especially during the dry season”.

The village relies on a nearby swamp for drinking water, which is creating health hazard, he said, anyone wanting to drink safe water must walk over a mile to Gbetima hill overlooking the village.  He explained that before the war, Water Aid delivered a water project for the community: “They jointly did the work with Songo village by putting the pipes from the hill into Massahun and Songo villages but they were not connected. Then the war intensified and all materials dissapeared during the war. After the war up to present we are still suffering.”

Moriba appealed to government to come to their aid, and for Water Aid to complete the unfinished project. Sulaiman Moriba said despite their plight being known to their councilor, paramount chief and other stakholders in the district, still nothing has changed.

Female resident Haja Brima said they either have to visit Gbetima, Kortulagblama or Jay-baryadowa hills, which is over a mile distance, to access safe drinking water. She said the two pumps are not damaged, but only lacked water. She said womenfolk and children bear the brunt of the lack of safe drinking water.

By Saffa B. Moriba in Kenema