Members of the APC call for the expulsion of NRM

The anger and hostility that was in Port Loko over the weekend saw members of the All Peoples Congress (APC) hunting for NRM members as they called on the party executive to expel them from the party because they have embarrassed them by taking an injunction not to allow the party’s delegates conference to go ahead as planned. Most of the members Awoko spoke to were very furious and they were all speaking with the same voice calling for their expulsion and saying that if anyone was in Port Loko they would have manhandled them because they are not true APCiers. A senior executive member from Kambia said when party members were being harassed and locked up, what NRM did to help those members, nothing. He said they started the calls for reform which all of them supported and what they wanted was given to them, only for them at the last minute betrayed the cause of the party, embarrassing all of them by taking an injunction especially with an SLPP lawyer who had the influence to get the injunction. Another member in Port Loko said NRM overplayed their importance and ended up being unpopular as they are now seen as traitors who are bent on destroying the party. He said they were well supported when they started the reformation movement, as they had many members across the country who supported them because the reform were needed. But said today they have lost the trust and they should be expelled because if they party continue to keep them they will try to use other means of wrecking more havoc that will not good for the party. A member of the APC media team Mohamed Pope Kamara said he is still in shock as he never believed that NRM will go to court after all what they asked for has been granted. He said they called for so many things including election instead of selection, just as the party was about to convene to adopt the draft they wanted; they surreptitiously went to court and filed in exparte for an injunction.

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