NEC ends 2014-2019 electoral cycle

On Friday 10 January 2020, the Head of Media and Outreach for the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Albert Massaquoi, said the just concluded electoral cycle between 2014-2019, recorded major successes with challenges that were properly handled. Massaquoi said as per an Act of Parliament that gave provision for the establishment of NEC, it provides that they shall be operating on a five year electoral cycle where plans and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), agreements and funds for the running of the cycle are budgeted and approved for implementation of election activities. Massaquoi said in electoral operations there are perennial challenges including terrain, finance, logistics, and operations especially conducting elections in hard-to-reach places among others. What is most important is how they deal with them. He said there are challenges with engagements with political players both incumbent and opposition, but he acknowledged the important thing is that they are always focused on those engagements despite subjective thinking from political parties. The Head of Media and Outreach notes finances have contributed to their many challenges especially payment of contracted staff during elections. He said the Commission has done internal reviews of the last cycle and had put together their findings with hopeful engagement of electoral stakeholders and partners for a validation and acceptance to be a working document for the next electoral cycle.

GIBO Town has been renamed " PA O PA TOWN"

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