NEC holds one-day meet in Makeni

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) on Wednesday organized a one-day regional meeting with registration centre monitors, district election officers and assistant district election officers in the northern region.
The meeting, which was held at the Pastoral Centre in Makeni, was meant to get feedbacks from the registration and to identify possible ways of increasing the accessibility of voters to polling centres on polling day.
The commission deemed it fit to call a meeting of this nature to get feedbacks from field staff regarding challenges encountered during the process suggestions and possible recommendations to address some of the lapses they encountered.
 The northern region commissioner, Algassimu .S. Jarr, and the field coordinator-north Augustine Garmoh, thanked field staff for their hard work during the registration process.
The meeting, according to the field coordinator, “is meant to correct past mistakes and to ensure a credible election,” he admonished them to recommend satellite polling centres that would solve the problem of distance on polling day.
The chairperson for the commission, Dr Christiana Thorpe, commended electoral staff for their excellent performance in the conduct of the registration. She said the commission was able to meet its target of registered voters at record level of over 90%.
Dr Thorpe urged staff to be ready for more work and expressed optimism that things would turn around in the country, adding that for that to take effect Sierra Leoneans needed to take the challenge to make things happen.
She advised them to be steadfast and maintain dignity and respect in carrying out their duties.
 At the end of the meeting each district presented constraints they encountered during the process, and came up with suggestions and recommendations to enhance the conduct of credible elections.
Ninety-four registration centre monitors from the five districts in the northern region, ten district election officers and assistants and eight UN electoral advisers were present at the meeting.