New EDSA tariff next month

Electricity Distribution and Supply Agency (EDSA) has told journalists that come first of December a new tariff will be implemented after Electricity and Water Regulation Commission (EWRC) gave them the permission to make the increase. Engineer Mallay Bangura said the new increase will see domestic tariff moving from Le560.00 for the first 50 units will change to Le560 for the first 25 units. He said buying Le50,000 that was about 45 units will be 30.8 units next month. Explaining the reason for the increase, the Engineer said EDSA is running at an astronomical loss and they have to rely on government for subsidy. They can’t purchase meters, they find it very difficult to meet their obligations in repairs and amending faults. The Engineer said the reason for the change of tariff is because EDSA has been running at a considerable loss that government has to be subsidising them year in and year out. He said they can’t continue to run the institution that way because they will never grow and it will reach a time when they will collapse. “With this new tariff plan, we will not make profit but we will be able to at least break even as we will be able to pay our providers and EDSA will be able to buy more vehicles and materials to take care of faults and other challenges that come our way.” Engineer Bangura said EDSA is a public institution working to provide a major commodity like electricity that every household needs, but said if there is no electricity then the development growth of the country will stall. He said it is in that vein that they want to improve production and they can only do it if they are having the financial muscle. “We cannot increase on our coverage if we don’t have the money. We cannot just sit and be waiting for government to subsidize us everyday. That is the reason why we went to our regulators to make our case. We had a conversation with the public and we agreed that the increase is needed.”

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