New London Blama health center gets 24 hour electricity

Mustapha Lolleh of Light Salone Innovation, a son of the soil of Small Bo chiefdom, Kenema district has provided 24 hour electricity to the oldest community health center post at New London in Blama town. On behalf of himself, his family and his organization, Lolleh provided a solar system with charging facility for the entire health center, which he said can serve over twenty years. He said his intervention is a way of paying back to the health center where he and other stakeholders were born. He promised his audience that he will continue to monitor and support the light system at the health center.

Councilor Ishmeal Koroma said the 1950s built health center had been experiencing challenges, ranging from electricity, toilet facility, water and infrastructure, among others. He said health workers have been attending to women in labor using lamps, Chinese light, torchlight or mobile phones, adding that with the donation “it is now a thing of the past in terms of electricity”.  The nurse in charge, Lucinda Bainda Foday, thanked Mustapha Lolleh and his team for their intervention, adding their biggest problem had been solved.

She said there are telling stories on what they go through during deliveries, and called on government and other humanitarian organizations to come to their aid to address other challenges that they are facing. The paramount chief of Small Bo chiefdom, PC Kokosuleh Mohamed Daffie Benya, thanked Mustapha Lolleh for his timely intervention, stating he was not surprised because of his past interventions aimed at development in the chiefdom.

He called on other daughters and sons of the chiefdom to emulate Lolleh’s good example.

By Saffa B. Moriba in Kenema