NOC President chairs ANOCA Medical and Anti-Doping Commission video conference

The President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), Dr Patrick Coker, chaired the recent ANOCA Medical and Anti-Doping Commission videoconference. Speaking, President Mustapha Berraf started by congratulating all health personnel involved in sports medicine, calling them “heroes who deserve our homage and respect”. Speaking on the trust ANOCA governing bodies place in the Commission, Berraf insisted, “It is our bounden duty and obligation to ensure that African sport is clean, in keeping with our ancestral values”.

Present during this protocol phase reserved for opening remarks, ANOCA Treasurer General Habu Gumel thanked Commission members for being present at this important meeting. For his part, Dr Coker thanked the ANOCA President for this “important session” before appreciating “the technology used for this meeting”.

This was followed by the presentation of the agenda, which featured the introduction of the 4 Commission members; statement of the purpose of the meeting; presentation of the powers of the Commission through the terms of reference; discussion of the medical plan, which focuses mainly on policies and position statements, medical resources and support to NOCs. The deliberations, attended by ANOCA President Mustapha Berraf, were chaired by Commission Chair Dr Patrick Coker, who said, “Together we will manage to overcome all obstacles”.

President Berraf disclosed that the ANOCA Executive Committee will put everything at the disposal of the Commission to enable them look after athletes. Urging them to direct their efforts to combat doping – which is a real scourge, he underscored: “We are counting on you…” The meeting concluded with 10 major resolutions that were adopted by a large majority of the participants after intensive deliberations.

The Medical and Anti-Doping Commission is now committed, following the resolutions, to greater efficiency and dynamism. The mandate of the Commission was also clarified, thanks to the terms of reference that should guide the Commission’s deliberations.

It “shall make recommendations to be tabled to the ANOCA Executive Committee by the Chair” and “the ANOCA Executive Committee shall ratify the recommendations as decisions to be implemented”. The meeting ended with Dr Patrick Coker expressing satisfaction with its conduct, in an Olympic friendly atmosphere.