NRM miscalculated – Ag. National Publicity Secretary

The acting National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Sidi Yaya Tunis said the National Reformation Movement (NRM) miscalculated and underestimate the party by going to court to stop the delegates conference. He made this statement during an interview with Awoko after the press conference when he said NRM thought that when the injunction was passed the party members would simply leave Port Loko and that would have been the end of the matter. “They underestimated us as we turned the delegates conference into a press conference thereby addressing pertinent issues of the party and got the membership to understand that the party belongs to all of us and what has happened was reason for us to unite and move forward.” The acting Publicity Secretary said he was so happy that for the members who showed so much resilience and determination to keep the Chairman and Leader and said it is very clear that contrary to views around that Ernest Koroma should go has been kicked out and he has been endorsed by the members for him to continue to provide leadership until the next elective congress. Sidi Tunis averred that now it is very clear that the NAC will have to chose the date for an elective congress and they are hoping it will be by end of this year so that the flag bearer and team will have ample time to campaign across the country so that they can remove SLPP from power as they have caused so much pain and suffering on ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

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