Old Leone goes forever on the 15th August

The Central Bank of Sierra Leone has in a press release ordered that “in accordance with Section 26 (3) and (4) of the Bank of Sierra Leone Act, 2000” effective 15th August 2011, the old family of bank notes issued over the years will cease to be legal tender in Sierra Leone.
Speaking to Awoko, Beresford Taylor Public Relations Officer of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone said the Bank printed 150.95m pieces of resized bank notes and on the 14th of May last year, the new notes were put into circulation concurrently with the older notes.
The Bank of Sierra Leone then set a 12 month time period for the public to replace old notes with the new resized notes through the commercial banks. However at the end of the 12 months on the 14th of May 2011, only 95% of old notes in circulation were withdrawn.
The Bank further extended the replacement period for another three months which would end on the 14 of August 2011.
So far 96.555% of old notes in circulation have been withdrawn from circulation through the commercial banks.
Bank of Sierra Leone says it will however establish a special window within the central bank in Freetown and its Kenema branch for the exchange of the old one size family of bank notes after the 15th August 2011.