‘Our dream has now become a reality’-Ahmed Kanu

The Secretary General of the Volleyball Association Ahmed Kanu has said that their dream to host the first international Beach Zone Two Volleyball competition in Sierra Leone is now a reality.
He said the executive is very happy to host the competition which is the first continental qualification for the Olympic Games 2012 in London.
Ahmed Kanu also stated that before this time Sierra Leone was not yet fit to host an International competition or even participate in it but they can now boast that they are now fit to host and participate in an international competition.
He stated that those who were present during the competition saw the true picture that as a country we have what it takes to host or participate in any international competition at all levels.He also revealed that they were able to have a successful competition because of the supervisor from Niger who said that Sierra Leone does not have all what it takes to host the competition but they need to start somewhere and that is exactly what they have done.
Ahmed Kanu said they have reached this point because of the commitment of the executive to the players and they still have more challenges ahead which are to have their own playing ground and host of other things. He also stated that after the International Zone Two Beach Volleyball the Association is planning to organize the Mano River Youth Volleyball Championship as part of the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations. Ahmed Kanu further stated that they have already started negotiations with both the Guinea and Liberia Volleyball Federations and they are willing to participate in the competition. He hopes to finalize the arrangements in March this year. He said the only stumbling block now is with the Ivory Coast Volleyball Federation as they are not able to have a link with them.