Parents want ‘normalcy’ in the economy

The Central Bank for the last two weeks has been engaged in foreign exchange auction in an effort to help defend the Leones which is depreciating against foreign currencies. But as parents prepare themselves for the reopening of schools they are being faced with the price increase of school items. Sallieu Jalloh, a parent complained of how the money he gave to his wife to buy school materials did not buy half the things she intended to buy because of the price increase. “I had to increase what I had already given to her to buy the other items.  I hope that our country’s economy is brought to normalcy” Jalloh said. A mother of three, whose children are all in school said that the increase in prices has greatly affected her, Edna Kajue told Awoko that the school bag she bought for Le60,000 last year, is now sold at Le90,000.

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