Pocketing a piece of Sierra Leone

My time in Freetown has flown by and in preparation to leave on Friday I’ve been searching the city for pieces of Sierra Leone to bring back to the United States with me for family and friends. I started in clothing shops in the downtown area of Freetown, near the cotton tree and state houses. After poking through different stands and shops with brightly colored, patterned shirts and pants. Most of what I found was around Le100,000 so I put off the decision until I had enough cash. I eventually went back to one shop for a short-sleeved, button-up collared shirt, blue with brightly colored flowers that I walked past every day, displayed on a mannequin.  I’ve already started to pack and my bags don’t have much wiggle room, so I started to look for smaller gifts more unique to Sierra Leone. Though the Lumley beaches are more of a tourist attraction, I stayed in town, where most of the outdoor sellers peddling everyday goods. But I hit the jackpot at Big Market on Johnson street, a two-floor warehouse building filled with shops of locally made crafts like wooden figurines, beaded bracelets, and woven purses.

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