Police warn potential protesters

Following a public notice making rounds on social media in respect of an alleged proposed mass protest, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday 19 September 2019, by a group called Concern Sierra Leoneans, the Police has issued a warning to the group.The Police held a press conference on Tuesday 10 September 2019, on George Street in Freetown. According to a public notice from the SLP, the aforementioned group had arranged a mass protest as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction regarding the economic situation in the country, increase in violence, tribalism, oppression, and humiliation of opposition members and supporters, especially the All People’s Congress (APC). The notice further reminds the protesters of the Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965, which stipulates that whosoever intends to organize a protest and/or demonstration in Sierra Leone should notify and obtain a written permission/clearance from the Inspector General of Police. The SLP called on the protesters to follow due process and engage the SLP on what they intend to do.

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