‘Prevention’ the bedrock in the fight against corruption- ACC Boss 

 Anti-Corruption Commission’s Czar, Francis Ben Kaifala has said that amongst the four pillars in the fight against corruption which are investigation, prosecution, prevention and public education, prevention is the bedrock. He said however, the public perceives investigation and prosecution as the strongest and most important in fighting corruption.  “The population reacts to when people are arrested and prosecuted; the sting operations by the scorpion squad …” However that is not really the strength of the fight against corruption, he explained. The strength against corruption lies in prevention, he emphasized. “Prevention is the bedrock upon which the fight against corruption is built. Prosecution and enforcement would bulldoze the way, but in preventing the people in coming back is to build in systems” The ACC boss said human beings by nature are greedy. “We want what we don’t have or more of what others have, so when we find ourselves in an environment with enormous resources and our earnings are few and our obligations are many, we are tempted to want more of what we don’t have.” “What we can do is to put in place measures to ensure that (there are) access to resources,” he said, “the ACC is there to build in systems to remove the opportunities for corruption and incentives for corruption. If we make the economy of Sierra Leone cashless we would have gone a long way in fighting corruption.” “If we build enough preventive measures ACC would become redundant.”

GIBO Town has been renamed " PA O PA TOWN"

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