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 Awoko Publications is a privately owned media organisation, that shall operate as an independent news organ with the Managing Editor as the highest-ranking official on the Editorial staff. It is the wish of the publisher that all Editorial members, contributors, columnists and reporters shall perform their literary duties with the following guidelines as Editorial policy:

  1. That Awoko is non-partisan and therefore cannot be used as a weapon of any one political party
  2. That we shall be objective and impartial to all shades of opinions
  3. As a non-sectional and independent medium, space shall be given to various religious views as and when necessary.
  4. To uphold the national constitution and coverage of issues that enhance peace, unity, freedom and the development of Sierra Leone shall form the core of our reportage.
  5. We shall be a medium to educate the reading public on the traditional and cultural values of Sierra Leone
  6. Priority will be given to advocacy on behalf of children, women and minority groups

This Editorial Policy is subject to review as and when necessary

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