Read aloud day observed

Every February 5th is World Read Aloud Day and it is celebrated across the world. In Sierra Leone, the culture of reading is dying for many reasons. At Awoko newspaper, the culture of reading is highly encouraged among staff, to improve on their writing skills and proficiency in English. Managing Editor, Kelvin Lewis, yesterday Wednesday 5th February 2020 took the reading exercise to another level during the usual morning editorial meetings, when he engaged staff members to encourage their children and other members of their family to take interest in regularly reading the newspaper and listen to the radio, a medium that will help them not only to read, but also get information to help in school or university work. “I agree that not all newspapers are up to scratch, but the few credible one’s will help to improve reading proficiency and pass on knowledge”, Lewis noted. He added that during his tenure as SLAJ President several training exercises were conducted across the country for both electronic and print media, which was geared to improve writing and reporting skills of practicing journalists, but some of the challenge encountered was reading. “How can someone write properly when he/she can’t read properly”.

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