Robbers shot baker but leave property intact

Armed robbers always attack to rob, but it was not so when armed men attacked and shot a baker Yerroh Boi Bah late Saturday at PWD area, east of the capital, without robbing him.
Yerroh operated a popular bakery and according to the last of his three wives, Kadiatu Jalloh who was with him when he was attacked, the attackers entered the bakery firing shots and demanding the deceased to come out.
Kadiatu, who has just taken four months at her marital home, explained what went wrong on Saturday around 2: pm: “Armed men came around and there was another baker who opened to know who were around. As soon as he opened the door, they fired which led him to run to where my husband and I was, and when my husband went out he could not resist the number of people seen and he ran back to the room.”
She explained that his husband was pursued by the armed men unto his room where he shut the door despite persistent threats to open it. “My husband refused to open as the hitting on the door was intense which led the armed men to fire rapidly at the door where the bullets hit one of his children breaking her leg and another hitting him on his arm,” she narrated.
Having faced with such a situation, she further explained, her husband rushed on one of the gunmen who shot him at point blank.
She said she did not know what the armed men were after. “I did not see them take anything it was like they only came to kill my husband.”
The eldest wife, Mariama Jalloh who had stayed with the deceased for 20 years, said she could not remember her husband quarrelling with another person.
The second wife, Umu Hawa Bah, said since his four years of marriage she had known his husband as peaceful.
The Ross Road Police station is investigating the matter.