Rokel River project still alive

The Ministry of Water Resources in Collaboration with Guma Valley Water Company and SALWACO have said the Rokel River project that is to supply water to Freetown is very much still alive. According to the Ministry of Water Resources, they are to undertake one of the biggest Capital Projects’ aimed at solving the ever growing pipe burn water crisis in the Capital City and its environs. The River Rokel at Massiaka, Koya Chiefdom in the Port loko District is going to serve as the Reservoir/ Source at the Gbere junction which is about 62km from the Capital Freetown. The report from the Water Resources ministry says about 300 acres acquisition of land at the River Rokel is ongoing through the help of the Paramount Chief of Koya Chiefdom Massiaka–Chief Bomboli. The report furthered that the secured land is going to be used for the Construction of a dam, a treatment center and solar field for the supply of an interrupted energy to operate the machines. Key places from Gbere Bridge along the highway via Freetown to benefit from this project are= Massiaka, Mile38, Newton, Waterloo Rural District, Freetown East one, two and three – Dan Street to be precise with a two basement/Tanks at okra hill.  The project is expected to create about 1,000 jobs for youths across the villages the pipe will pass.

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