Salone qualifies for MCC compact consideration

The latest Millennium Corporation Challenge (MCC) Scorecard report was published on Friday, 1st November 2019. The country is now eligible for MCC Compact consideration. The passing of the scorecard is as result of an as of Sierra Leone’s performance in the three policy categories: Ruling Justly, Economic Freedom and Investing in People. According to the report, the country did well in control of corruption, ruling justly and investing in people with pass marks in guaranteeing democratic rights, civil liberties, the rule of law, health and primary education expenditures. The country also made progress in economic freedom with pass marks in trade policy, gender in the economy and business start-up. The report was presented to President Bio on Friday by the American Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Maria Brewer. Receiving the report, President Bio said that he was pleased that Sierra Leone was able to meet certain requirements and standard benchmarks and promised that the government would do more to meet the other indicators on the scorecard. During the presentation, Ambassador Brewer said that she was happy and proud to be able to share with the President that the Government of Sierra Leone had passed the MCC Scorecard 2019.

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