Serbia awards scholarships to Belgrade University

Two students from Sierra Leone have been granted scholarship to study in the former Yugoslav Republic Serbia. Sia Senorita Quee and Iyesata Jalloh will be studying at Serbia’s Belgrade University for a year. Sia explained that the process was highly competitive and she is excited being honoured with this scholarship “because we all know in Sierra Leone it is expensive to read Masters in a medical field… it costs up to Le30 million for tuition fees alone.” She said she will be specializing in epidemiology because Sierra Leone once had an outbreak and would love to give back to her country. Iyesata, on the other hand, explained that doing a first degree in Sierra Leone was quite challenging having the right materials and learning environment.  However, we are planning to go and leave a mark and impression that would foster Sierra Leone and Serbia’s relationship, and also seek knowledge that would help to contribute in the development of the country.  The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Sierra Leone, Adonis Aboud said both students would be pursuing Masters Degrees. “Sia would be specializing in Public Health and Iyesata in accounting.” The Consul added that Sia and Iyesata are the 27th and 28th Sierra Leoneans to receive a scholarship from Yugoslav Republic since the 80’s. The Deputy Secretary to the Minister of Higher Technical Education, Idrissa Sannoh explained that the scholarships were advertised, however because of age limitation criteria which required applicants to be below 23 years of age only 60 applications were received. However Sia and Iyesata were the lucky ones among the lot.


By Ophaniel Gooding

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