Sierra Leone Business: Financial Secretary promises continued transparency in national budget process

As the Ministry of Finance begins it 2020 Financial Budget Hearing, Sahr Lahai Jusu, Financial Secretary has promised that they will continue to ensure that the national budget process is transparent. He stated that this is being done at the aggregate and the macro level and as part of their transparency process on a weekly basis they share with the executive the total resources collected, expenditure undertaken and the last amount paid to a contractor. “So when we talk about transparency we cascade it to the highest level. Our goal to provide the general citizenry with a window to participate in the national budget process and arm them with the necessary information to hold us responsible and accountable as a government” he added. Over the last one year, the Financial Secretary noted that they have made significant effort in the budget discussion by adding for the first time in 2018 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the open budget exercise where they were subjected to scrutiny. Beyond that, the two financial institutions of government were also invited.

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