Sierra Leone News: Africa Notebook

By Rod Mac-Johnson
By Rod Mac-Johnson

It was much ado about something really the other day as many celebrated Easter in the glare of piercing heat that dribbled beads of sweat on the faces of the revellers.
It was multiple years ago, many remembered, that the period of Easter had seen such sunshine; an old timer recollected adding “if we see such weather in spring what can we expect in summer, microwave temperature?”
Despite the heat, events are moving. A workshop on “MONEYā€¯ drew an interesting debate as one speaker made the point that the road to financial regret is paved with debt that drags you down for years.
Although there were intervals of giggles and strained laughter, many agreed in conclusion that there’s no way to learn about the value of money without feeling the power of the scarcity of money as it teaches the difference between necessary and desirable.
As one female contributor emphasized – MONEY makes you to learn to enjoy what you have, fix what’s broken and shop for bargain – which are essential survival skills.
She noted that the best thing money buys is control over your time – it gives you options and frees you from relying on someone else’s priorities.
Well, perhaps it isn’t only love that makes the world goes round – money too play a part.
Many curious things rather than laughter often find its way when applicants are interviewed for a job.
Like the man who was asked if he could be an animal what would it be?
He said he would like to be a turtle because he’s slow and he’s never in a rush.
It is often said that if you want to know what society’s going to be like 20 years, ask a kindergarten teacher.
Well, 2040 is apparently the year; futurists say that robots would be as smart as humans.
It will be a world with technology outsmarting everything – politics, economics, social culture and even weapons, they figured.
The other day, a company in California announced that it is experimenting on robots watering the lawn, trim the grass and tendering the flowers.
That’s no surprise as in some Japanese restaurants; robots have replaced waiters to take orders, serve food and programmed to give change.
As to whether they can accept tips that I don’t know.
April stands out as the oath birthday celebration week of Mrs Coretta Scott King, the wife of the late Civil Rights leader, the Rev Martin Luther King.
The week runs between April 21 to the with and all have been asked to hash tag #HappyBirthdayMrsKing.
On the with, a Social Justice Service will be held at the Howard University Rankin Chapel in Washington.
Monday April 24, 2017.