Sierra Leone News: As he declares for SLPP… NEKA, Korankoya endorse Rtd. Brig Kellie Conteh

One of Sierra Leone’s finest former military personnel, Retired Brigadier Kellie Hassan Conteh, has officially joined the political line of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). He publicly declared his intention to become a politician on Sunday 13th October in Kono to his Korankor people at a well attended gathering which included traditional and tribal heads based in Kono, Koinadugu and Falaba districts. Rtd. Brigadier Conteh, was welcomed by Korankor women dressed in their traditional attires, singing and dancing to their traditional songs which after almost 20 minutes got the crowd on their feet, prompting everyone including the Rtd Brigadier to join in the traditional dance. After the dancing, people were now eager to hear the message the Rtd Brigadier had for them suspecting that it was good news given that they were confident the retired Military man will not take them to somewhere difficult. The event also attracted colleague retired senior military personnel who were serving alongside Rtd. Brig. Conteh and other senior citizens. Ambassador Joe Blell himself a retired military colleague of Brig Kellie Conteh, informed the gathering that his presence in the meeting had nothing to do with politics, but disclosed that as a strong believer in Rtd Brig Conteh with whom he had worked over the years, he was assuring the people that if they support Brig Conteh’s vision, things will change for the best. Breaking the iceberg, Rtd. Brig Conteh started by assessing the two main political parties in the country, (APC and SLPP,) both of which he worked for over the years in various capacities.

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