Sierra Leone News: Over 70 years in Operation …Red Lion Bakery bounces back

beadOne of the most successful indigenous family businesses in Sierra Leone spanning over 70 years have unveiled new sets of bread for the market produced by an automated system in a clean environment.
Management of the bread business has been passed through the Ashwood family hands since 1944, now it is being managed by the grandchildren Cyril Grant and Michelle Jones who took up the business as co-ownership and management of the Bakery in 2015.
According to Cyril Grant the bakery has been transformed to modern standards to meet the growing demands of the market.
He said they have spent over US$300,000 to procure state of the art; new machines and they have also installed state of the art technologies.
The newly installed machines includes, mixer, cutter and dryer and they have also procured a generator because currently electricity provided by the National grid is inadequate to operate the machines.
Red Lion Bakery has also improved on their services with the opening of a website so as to interact with customers, distributors and others.
Most of the ingredients used to produce and bake the bread are procured from the local market.
He said they had to close the bakery sometime last year to restructure management and production with the view to improving the quality of the bread.
Michelle Jones also a co-owner of the bakery said they have significantly improved on the production and management of the business to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Before the closure of the business she said Red Lion Bakery had 16 outlets in Freetown mostly in Western Area and one in the East end of Freetown.
The bakery she said now produces 3,262 loaves of bread comprising of butter bread, big sweet, small sweet, fresh and hamburger bread. Presently she said they are operating a two shift system with over thirty staff as bakers and distributors.
She also said that they will be introducing new specialty of bread in the market which include malt, brown, pita and baguettes bread. She also disclosed that a special bread will be produced for diabetic patients.
On the question of the current competition in the market, she affirmed that Red Lion Bakery has its own brand and customers are always ready to consume their products because of the quality of the bread.
She said since they started production few days ago there has not been much left over bread and if there is any they will be donated to the Juvenile Detention Center and inmates of the correctional center.
Friday December 04, 2015