Sierra Leone News: United States, Sierra Leone conclude FASTEUR Training

Between October 8-15, 50 Marines and Sailors from the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Europe together with a team of RSLAF and the SLP have successfully completed a series of trainings and exercises in Freetown. It was a mixed bag of Officers and men from various sectors within the army and the police, involving in team work devoid of ethnic, religion or race, and all military and police men had the opportunity of gaining knowledge in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) procedures. According to Lt.Col Braden Coleman of the US Air Force, the training is important to cover the crucial interval between trauma and arrival of medical personnel, and can also help RSLAF and the SLP better prepare for crisis as well as ably cope with emergencies. He added that FASTEUR will work with the US Embassy support personnel, particularly the security team in country, to enhance RSLAF’s and the SLP capabilities in  preparedness. During an hour demonstration of tactical combat casualty care by trainees, under fire and after fire, Lt. Col Travers from the International Security Assistance Team in Sierra Leone (ISAT) after careful security point of observation, described the training as very crucial, especially in peace keeping missions were officers and men are exposed to high risk, as it will help save more lives of those injured in combat.

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