SLFA President resolves Kenema clash after abandoned match

In a closed door meeting at the football secretariat on Tuesday 4th February 2020, the Sierra Leone Football Association President, Isha Johansen, amidst rumours of mounting tension between two football giants Kamboi Eagles and East End Lions, which resulted in Saturday’s Premier League match being stopped 75 minutes into the game due to clashes between fans of both clubs has opted to use mediation to settle the issue. The FA President appealed to the executives of the two clubs present in the emergency meeting to “not allow violence to destroy our beautiful game.” She went on to say, “we cannot allow football hooliganism to define us as a nation.” After intense discussions from both sides, the clubs settled their differences amicably and have peacefully resolved to uphold the laws of the game.  East End Lions were represented by Chair Anthony Junior Navo and Kamboi Eagles delegation was headed by club Chair Ibrahim Mazola Kamara. The question some football fans are asking is why did the SLFA President fail to solve other conflicts like Blackpool vs Kenema, which happened earlier. The matter is left with the Premier League Board to decide on disciplinary actions to prevent football violence in the future.


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