Some Lawyers and Judges allegiance is no longer to the law – Justice Bankole Thompson

Justice Bankole Thompson, who presides as sole Commissioner at Commission of Inquiry No. 65, has warned that if they as legal people do not uphold the rule of law in Sierra Leone and elsewhere the alternative will be anarchy and widespread violence. This he says has happened in this country and it will be a shame if Sierra Leone were to repeat some serious mistakes that took place whereby we allow anarchy and rebellion to take over the country.  “One reason for that, I will say is that the profession itself has not lived up to certain standards and values, academically, emotionally, professionally and in terms of maintaining the dignity of the profession” he said. The Judge went on to say that “some of us Lawyers and Judges have allowed certain extraneous factors and dynamics to influence our judgement. Our allegiance is no longer just to the law but our allegiance sometimes is to extraneous factors. Factors that have nothing to do with the law, factors that constantly undermine the efficacy and integrity of the profession” he said.

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