Standards Bureau staff not allowed to perform quality verification at the ports- CEO Yormah

The Standards Bureau during their presentation of 2020 Budget has responded to issues relating to sub-standard goods flooding the market. Thomas Yormah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) explained that at the Queen Elizabeth Quay, they have what is referred to as quantity and quality verification. The quantity verification is being done by Alik but in addition to that the Bureau is supposed to check for quality and in checking, one of the parameters is that if the goods is less than six months old it will not be allowed into the country. “What actually happens is that we are marginalised at the Port because as soon as Alik does quantity verification our men at the Port are not allowed to do quality verification the containers just go out. That is why you see substandard goods in the market, we are not able to operate at the Port” he said. The CEO explained further that when Alik finishes they go straight to the Custom Officers and clear the goods, “our intervention is not necessary and we should be part of the process of clearing goods. What we have done presently is we do product registration for people who bring in products and that is being done for free.”

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