State Lottery revenue drive impacted by lack of betting regulation

The Managing Director of the Sierra Leone State Lottery Company (SLSLC) Jerry E. George has said that if there is no Body with laid down rules and regulations, winnings will continue to be determined just by betting companies. “The State Lottery is not doing well as before, companies are here that are not running on their gambling cost – they have other means of getting money and that is seriously affecting us” he said. “So they pay whatever they want and we are getting our revenue only from gambling. We do not have the modern technology because we are handicap and it will be very hard for us to survive if it is not monitored.” In Sierra Leone gambling has never been regulated, there are three Ministries issuing licences to these companies. The Ministry of Trade, Tourism (Tourist Board) and Finance, “Those things should be under us, it is only now the government is thinking about the setting up of a Commission wherein they will be monitored and controlled by a Body.” In his intervention after the presentation of their Budget for 2020, the Principal Deputy Financial Secretary (PDFS) Matthew Dingie said that if their 2018 budgeted revenue was Le21.1 billion and they collected Le11.1 billion means that they are short by almost 50 percent.

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