Students should be allowed to re-write WASSC Exams – Ministry

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School has ordered heads of schools to accommodate school pupils who sat to the West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) and allow them to write the exam for a second time. But the Council of Principals said there isn’t enough space. According to the public notice from the Ministry, the President, pronounced that students who wrote the recent WASSCE exam, but failed, should have a second chance to re-write the exams. The pronouncement was later transformed into a policy of the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School. The notice further stated that the Ministry learned with dismay that principals were refusing to accept and accommodate these repeaters for reasons they have not communicated with the Ministry. The notice emphasized that these heads of schools will be violating the new policy by refusing to accept and accommodate pupils who have expressed a desire to repeat and to return back to school and write the WASSCE exams. “If any principal has a reason to believe that he or she cannot accommodate these repeaters, they should come to the Ministry and explain and avoid taking any unilateral action.

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