Suppressed Report Finds AML Boss Unfit for Senegal

An official Senegalese government report seen by Awoko shows that controversial businessman, Frank Timis, should never have been awarded the Tortue gas field blocks off the coast of northern Senegal because his company, Petro-Tim, did not exist at the time it was allocated the concessions. The report by the Inspection Générale d’Etat (IGE) reported that Petro-Tim was incorporated in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands two days after the contracts for the Cayar Offshore Profond and Saint-Louis Offshore-Profond gas blocks were signed by government officials, including President Sall. It also recommended that Timis’ license was terminated as it said that the company did not have enough money to fund the gas exploration it had agreed to do. The IGE report was commissioned by President Sall himself but was never released to the public. Former Senegalese President Abdoullaye Wade’s son and then energy minister Karim Wade was initially courted by Timis before Wade lost the 2011 election and was replaced by former Petrosen director, Macky Sall. Petro-Tim employed President Sall’s brother Aliou Sall as a consultant. The report also mentioned a $1.5 million signing bonus paid to Senegalese state-owned oil company, Petrosen, despite the payment of signature bonuses being illegal under Senegal’s then oil law. British oil firm, Tullow, which was also interested in the blocks, refused to pay the fee and were not awarded the concessions.

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