Surety detained for falsifying voter registration card and conveyance 

 Sometime last year, Bai Sesay, falsified a voter registration card and a conveyance when he presented himself as surety for a fraud convict, Hawa Gborie at the High Court in Freetown.  Sesay who pretended to be a pastor, presented the court with a voter registration card bearing the name Tunde Arthur Johnson with his photo on it and a conveyance bearing the same name.  The convicted fraudster was granted bail in order to raise the money she owed the complainant, Aminata Kargbo.  On her release on bail, both the convict, Hawa Gborie and her surety, Bai Sesay absconded. Several efforts by the court to get them proved futile. However with the aid of the complainant, the two were arrested. The surety was brought to court on Thursday 9th January 2020, escorted by a police officer and a court bailiff.

Should government go ahead and repeal the criminal libel laws?"

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