Tennis Association holds one-day, non-elective AGM

The Sierra Leone Tennis Association (SLTA) has held a one-day, non-elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 1st February 2020, at the Tennis Family Lounge, Hill Station Tennis Court. During the AGM the President of the Association, Kelvin Ezekiel Kellie, welcomed all members prior to the presentation of reports from the Treasurer. The finance executive gave an update on loans taken to make sure that the athletes represent the country internationally. The regional President from the South also gave a report and said Bo is the home of tennis and presently dealing with six schools in Bo. The Eastern Regional President said he was just appointed six weeks ago so he is trying to do his best in that part of the country. Amendments were presented for the Constitution, voted on by the 21 delegates present and agreed upon. Some of the areas like eligibility criteria to contest for the position of President… they said the person shall be a paid up member of an SLTA approved tennis club with a full membership status. They must also have held the position of President in an SLTA approved club with a full status for two full terms. It is the same criteria for the National Executive Board. The term limit of a President, which was two terms, was proposed to be a no term limit. But, the vote on this amendment was tied… some in favour and some against. After a five-minute break the membership decided to extend it to three terms and one term is four years. The Secretary General of the Association, before the end of the AGM, told members that they will be going to elections on 31st  January 2023, where a new executive will be formed.


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