Three FC Johansen players donate school materials to Kroobay Community School

Three FC Johansen players, Samuel Bekoe, Mammudu Abdul Latif and Raphael Koroma, donated school materials like books, pencils, pens, chalks, textbooks etc., to Kroobay Community School. Samule Bekoe, said, “It is a very good venture for them as players to donate such items to one of the deprived primary community school in Freetown, We believe in the power of education to help end poverty. But, without the dedicated support of people with the little affordable opportunities, it will be extremely difficult.” Mammudu Abdul Latif said, “I grew up and started schooling in one of the slum areas in Ghana. I have made a promise to myself that one day I will extend a gesture to help the deprived and that is exactly what we’ve started and it will not stop at this school alone, but to other schools that are similarly deprived.” The Head teacher, Abdul Bundu Kamara, was happy because they were having problems with books, especially during exams. He thanked the players and management of FC Johansen.


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