Tips on starting a business 10 unique service businesses that can fetch you millions “What is your dream?”

“Nothing happens unless first we dream” – Carl Sandburg .
Look at your self , are you happy with your life ?, are you tired of being broke and in debt all the time? Do you really want to succeed in life ? Start your own business. In this maiden edition I want to introduce to you 10 businesses that are easy to start but can fetch you millions in no time.
Who can start a business? The answer is simple anyone and everyone. Everyone is qualified because each of us has skills, knowledge or experience that other people are willing to pay for in the form of a service; or they’re willing to pay you to teach them your specific skill or knowledge. Anyone with a need or desire to earn extra money, work from home, or start and operate a full-time business can start a business regardless of age, business experience, education or current financial resources.
Capitalize on your skills: Don’t worry if you lack business skills and experience in areas such as time management, personal-contract selling, negotiating, bookkeeping and the ability to create effective advertisements. There’s no question these are all important skills to have, but at the same time they’re also skills that with practice can be learned and mastered. More important is the question, “What skill(s) do you have that can be sold as a service?” Any skill(s) you possess can be your best, and by far your most marketable, asset, I’ve been self-employed for a number of years and for me the lure of self-employment is the freedom and independence that calling the shots affords, which can be difficult to achieve when you work for others.
Here are the service business you can start today and make a lot of money.
1.Start a monogramming business: For most companies, handing out promotional gifts becomes useless unless they are covered with the company monogram. This is where you can offer a rich service to your clientele to get a whole lot of clients right at your home!
You can do this from the safety of your home if you have the space to set up a monogramming machine to do the embroidered logos on promotional soft gifts like face-cap, jerseys, ties and T-shirts.
2.Starting your own money lending business: Venturing into a money lending business is a good idea especially people need money nowadays. You need to focus on small market s if you want to be competitive. You will need to charge interest on money borrowed.
3.Start a corporate Training Business: Corporate training is one of the most stressful activities for a company’s human resource department, yet the training is eternally in demand as people constantly need to be trained for some new process or program that the company uses. You can take advantage of this by establishing your own corporate training business. In order to be able to engage in a corporate training business, you need a wide contact base. These contacts should be persons inside the Human Resource Departments of various companies, or even in the executive level.
4.Starting your own computer Training Center: A computer training center is a place where people come to learn how to do things using a computer. The lessons offered can range from the very basic to the utterly advanced. With the computer being an everyday item nowadays, it is now a must that everyone knows how to use it. With that fact, one can conclude that a computer training center is a very lucrative business opportunity.
Setting up a computer training center is not a daunting task once you have become aware of what you need to prepare.
5.Starting an Auditing Business: Starting your own auditing business requires various skills in accounting and management. One of the most important things you have to consider is preparing an auditing business plan since this method will help you to achieve your goals. Auditors usually earn their salary through commission payments. Since the trend today is hiring auditors who are not part of the company, external auditors are much preferred compared to internal ones due to the fact that the former provide more transparency since it would be less likely for them to be influenced by people from the company.
6.Start a Health and Fitness Club: There are a lot of advantages that one can enjoy from starting a health and fitness center as a business. This is because Sierra Leoneans now know the benefit of keeping fit and that is why many people are so health-conscious that they’d do anything just to lose weight. They’d pay money to use a club’s physical fitness equipment just as long as they see results. A health and fitness club’s offerings are not limited to providing equipment that can be used for exercise. It should also ideally sell health products like vitamins and food supplements, among others, that would complement your clients’ health and fitness routine.
7.Start a Security Company: Before you start a security company, you need to register your company with the government. First, determine what kind of security service you want to provide. You will definitely make a lot of money by providing security services for both corporate, private and government organizations. Make sure that the people you hire possess the necessary training in giving executive protection. To hire people that would match up to needed requirements for your permits.
8.Start a Dry Cleaning Business: A cleaning business can start off very small with great potentials for growth and expansion. The fact that mostly everyone needs the services of a good neighborhood dry cleaning business makes it an ideal entrepreneurial practice. A dry cleaning service can also have laundry service, but not all laundry services have dry cleaning. The wonder thing about the dry cleaning business is that it leaves a lot of room for business development and growth.
9.Directory publishing business: The Directory contains a wealth of information of interest to readers therefore, the more you print or give away, the more you can charge for your ads!.
10.Starting a Recruitment Agency: Thousands of Sierra Leoneans are on the lookout for job recruitment agencies. Many businessmen have already seen this as a good opportunity and invested on recruitment agencies. If you are looking for a perfect business that you can engage in, you might want to consider investing in a job recruitment agency. You can, for example, send letters to companies and tell them about the services that you offer.
If you have any questions you can email them and they will be answered and published in the next edition.
By John Fowler