Under 500 hotels and guesthouses in Salone

The tourism industry in Sierra Leone is apparently fraught with challenges and hurdles to overcome if the country is to compete in the international market as a tourist destination. These blights on the image of the tourism sector has been amplified by the recent National Tourism Census conducted and launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats-SL) on 13 January 2020. The 2020 National Tourism Census report captures and portrays certain startling and interesting findings with regards to the touristic establishments and assets. The report shows that the tourism sector is challenged in terms of accommodation facilities. There are 459 tourist accommodation facilities in the country. The classification of facilities, which was not explained nor is comparable to international standards) indicated that Class 3 hotels were the most dominant nationally being 13.6%, followed by Class 4 and 1, while Class 5 hotels showed the least with 3.4%. The survey showed that for guest houses, Class 3 were the most dominant class accounting for 16.9% while Class 1 guest houses showed the least 4.7%. Meanwhile, the study revealed that only 13.5% of the facilities had up-to-date licences.

GIBO Town has been renamed " PA O PA TOWN"

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