UNICEF supports vulnerable groups

To further assist vulnerable women groups to be engaged in worthwhile activities, UNICEF in collaboration with HAPPY KIDS and Adolescents last week organized a two-day micro-credit management training for over 100 mothers and caregivers, in 5 Districts across the Country. 60 women involved in small-scale business (petty trading) from two districts, Western Area Urban, and Rural including Bombali converged for a two-day schooling on how to improve and manage business, for profit. The reason behind the training, is as a result of donor fatigue providing various category of food, over the past year for children living or affected with HIV (orphaned to parents with HIV). Edmund Makieu is a specialist at UNICEF, working with vulnerable children, whose parents cannot provide basic needs for survival. He added that this is not the first training organized for mothers and caregivers, noting that every year there are more children living or affected by the disease, and because most of the parents are not well placed financially, UNICEF normally provide support to compliment the food support, in terms of extras for the children’s welfare. “Because food support is not forthcoming, UNICEF increased the support a little, in order that parents will be able to do small business to make profit”. He added that not all person’s doing business can effectively manage their business, this was why the two-day training was organized to further broaden their knowledge on how to conduct and improve on the support provided. Makieu encouraged the women to be hopeful, and make the best to provide care and show love to their child or child in their care. Michael Sesay was lead facilitator for the training, explained that doing business requires various skills, noting that from testimonies shared, “I observed that some of the women have maintained and improved on their business, others barely managed to survive, while others were unable to continue as a result of militating socio-economic reasons. From over five topics taught, during group work the women came to realize the need for networking in doing business to increase sales as well as to get access to goods and services, not to jump into any business without conducting a market survey, always make sure there is no interference with seed money, inculcate the sense of savings, whether through the bank or by local groups (Osusu).

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