UTB’s CEO now New Secretary to President

James Sanpha Koroma
James Sanpha Koroma

As the political wind of change continues to sweep through the government offices, State House last night announced the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer  of the Union Trust Bank Mr James Sanpha Koroma as the new Secretary to the President relieving Sheka Mansaray who served as Secretary to former President Tejan Kabbah.
Also named were Mr  George Pessima as the new Secretary to Cabinet succeeding Joseph P.K. Lamin and Mr Osho Coker as the Director of Public Sector Reform Unit now to be based in State house Sanpha Koroma’s name is more widely acknowledged in the banking circles and his appointment for what seems to be a purely  secretarial position – albeit a very powerful one – has been greeted with  surprise.
Analysts however opine that the move might be in line with the Presidents wish to concentrate more on private sector development and that is why he is lining up his close staff with people recognized for successes in the private sector. Yet others say that considering his professional experience Mr Sanpha Koroma would have best been suited for an economic adviser position than as a secretary. Sanpha Koroma presided over the transition of Meridian Bank to Union Trust Bank where he was until his appointment last night the Chief Executive Officer. He served as Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone during the turbulent war period under President Kabbah.
John Pessima has been a senior civil servant as also is Osho Coker who has been presiding over the transformation of the Civil Service under a DFID sponsored reform programme.