WARDC Chair calls on Lands Minister to take down signpost

Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC) Chairman Kasho Holland Cole has called on the Minister of Lands Dr Denis Sandy to take down the signpost he erected at Grafton as he did not follow the correct process. The Chairman said he was informed by members of the Grafton Community that the Minister of Lands has erected a signpost naming the area Paopa Town, without first consulting with WARDC. “This area has different political members and tribes and to name a town Paopa is a recipe for disaster because those that are not SLPP will feel threatened and if there is a change of government those that are SLPP will be lynched. So such should not have been done by the Minister.” Chairman Kasho Cole said when the Minister wanted to erect the signpost he called on the Counselor who made it clear that she would not be part of the process if the Minister did not consult WARDC, and she refused to be part of the ceremony and she in turn asked the council whether they have any correspondence towards that program. “We have written series of letters to the Minister of Lands and we have tried in several ways to reach the him but to no avail. So we have decided the we would have a council meeting on Thursday and after the meeting if the Minister refuses to put down the signpost then we will go ahead and remove it.” The Chairman said to change the name of a street or village one has to go through the council and they have the authority to effect the change. He said many people have applied for change of name and WARDC has granted them their request after meeting the criteria, but for an individual to go and just erect such signpost is rather unusual.

GIBO Town has been renamed " PA O PA TOWN"

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