YES Minister hopes to give sports new looks

The Minister of Youth Employment and Sports, Paul Kamara has expressed his determination and desire to make the various sporting disciplines in the country be more efficient.
The Minister further called on the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to put its house in order as he is ready to give the country’s football a new look.
He said he intends to do all in his power to ensure that he takes Sierra Leone football to a new and improved height.
“All I want to do is to help to take not only football forward but all the major sporting disciplines in the country. Sports can portray a very good image of the country and also engage the youths in worthy disciplines and it is the role of any disciplined government to ensure that they do all in their power to create the facilities for sports to thrive,” he said.
The Minister’s ambition in making efficient Sierra Leone sporting disciplines is sure to roll heads and create worries and resistance in certain areas especially in the football family.
Recently the Minister issued an ultimatum to SLFA to return back to its normal status saying it is illegal for SLFA to be incorporated as a company limited by guarantee because it contravenes the 1964 National Sports Council (NSC) Act which gives the NSC the power to supervise all sporting disciplines in Sierra Leone.
It’s very doubtful whether the SLFA will effortlessly stick to the Minister’s strong instructions for them to slip back to their former status because it is a Constitutional matter.
Also in a letter to all the sporting disciplines in the country, the new Sports Minister asked that all sporting disciplines submit a detailed status report including financial and administrative activities summary from 2007 to date and he is expected to meet with all the sporting disciplines on Tuesday January 25th this year at the National Stadium Atlantic hall.