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Saturday, June 6, 2020

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Sierra Leone News

MIC updates with NCRA that never were

The public was expecting to be updated on the ongoing facility assessment and verification of health workers and related issues by the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) at the Ministry of Information and Communication...

Community ownership protects tourist sites

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Government met with several communities about how to make major tourist sites owned by communities themselves. The people of River Number Two community took control of their beach...

Tourist Board assures One Pole Fishmongers

The women fishmongers at One Pole Lumley Beach Fish Shed said they want a better building with a cold room and storerooms. The management of the Sierra Leone Tourist Board as confirmed that they...

Sierra Leone Business & Finance

Trade Minister commits to dialogue with local marketers to review policies  

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Edward Hinga Sandy, on Friday 29th November 2019, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, in Freetown, assured local marketers...

Sierra Leone Sports

Sierra Leone Entertainment

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