Sierra Leone is a popular destination for travelers who like to gain all types of experiences, including exploring the lands of diamonds. The beaches in Sierra Leone are known to International travelers for their golden sand. Recently, some of the beaches have been affected by sand mining. Sierra Leone believes in preserving its beaches from mass tourism and keep them as exotic destinations. That is why these beaches offer some stunning views to visitors. A quiet, peaceful, and desolate environment welcomes you to relax and spend your vacation enjoying some locally brewed lager and seafood. Here are the most popular beaches in Sierra Leone that you cannot miss out on.

Lumley Beach


Lumley beach may not be the biggest beach in the country, but it has a sunset and sunrise that you cannot miss out on. You can find locals playing football matches on the beach, and you can join them for the games. You can enjoy coconut ice-creams sold at Gigibonta’s Nicecream or from the bomba ice-cream sellers. It may not be an ideal place to swim but can enjoy a beautiful view to spend an evening in peace. There are hotels and guesthouses nearby the beach, so you can walk to the beach with ease.

Tokeh Beach

Tokeh beach is a popular beach for those who want to get away from the traffic and noise of urban cities. It has white sand with straw beach hits that offer an authentic beach experience. It is like a tropical paradise that you would want to escape to for a long vacation. The sea makes no noise, and the water temperatures are just perfect for dipping. You can stay at the Tokeh Sands Resort and enjoy a luxury time that is worth every note.


Sussex Beach

Sussex beach is between Lumley and Tokeh beach and is a great place that displays the immersion of the river into the sea. You can spend a night at the beach resort and enjoy your time with some local lager made by locals. There are plenty of resorts, including Florence’s Beach Resort, which is an Italian getaway in Sierra Leone and serves classic Italian cuisines. You can also try out surfing at this beach during the surf season.


Bureh Beach

Bureh beach is only an hour and a half away from Freetown and is known for its diversity. You can find all kinds of adventure sports on Bureh beach, including surfing, hiking, kayaking, canoe, swimming, etc. You can also join the yoga sessions or skate through the side lanes of the beach on a sunny day. You can choose from a range of enterprises settled at the beach that are meant to entertain the tourists. You can find all kinds of member clubs that offer different adventures, parties, and group events right at the beach.

When you are in Sierra Leone’s capital, you need to do some things how they are meant to be done. That is how you will experience the best of Freetown. Plan your tour of Freetown with these tips so you make the most out of your vacation. Here are ten things you should learn about Freetown.

Arrive by sea

Freetown’s airport is located right across a sea estuary. Lungi International airport offers you to travel to Freetown by boat. It is a faster route to the city, covering a 17-mile on-road distance within an hour or even half. You also receive free Wi-Fi and a bottle of water on the boat while you enjoy listening to good music.

Sierra Leone

Learn about the seasons

Freetown receives heavy rainfall during August and can also cause flooding in many regions. December is also not a good time to visit the city due to the dust from the sands of the Sahara. January to March is an appropriate time to visit Freetown. However, be careful of the high temperatures that can reach up to 40 degrees Celcius.

Enjoy the mangoes

Summer is the time when you can enjoy mangoes in abundance. You can find a variety of mangoes sold individually or in heaps on the streets of Freetown. Learn about the different types of mangoes that you can try out. While some mangoes are meant for slicing up, others can be coaxed to such out the juice.

Sierra Leone

Learn Krio

While everyone in Freetown can speak English, it will be good if you can learn a bit of Krio before visiting. People will be pleased to know that you spent time learning Krio. Even if you can do the general greeting in Krio, you will have more welcoming smiles whenever you meet the locals.

Visit the Leicester Peak

Get the complete view of Freetown city from the top of Leicester Peak that stands 1800 feet above sea level. You can hike to the top and observe the city with red sheets capping the houses of the new constructions.

Sierra Leone

Enjoy rice

Enjoy a variety of rice recipes that complement almost all the dishes in Freetown. You may have an overwhelming experience of trying out different rice dishes. However, you cannot back until you have had enough. Most dishes have meat and fish in them since Freetown is located next to the sea.

Sundowners on the beach

Sierra Leone

Nothing is better than relaxing near the beach with a cold beer and some good music. Some fine restaurants and bars near the beaches can offer you quality time. Here you will also find some locally brewed lager that you can enjoy next to the beach. Bar 232 is a popular place to hang out for tourists.

Sierra Leone still does not hold a worldwide reputation as a tourist destination. However, several travelers are interested in visiting the country with one of the most popular diamond mines in the world. But is Sierra Leone safe for tourists today? Not many of us know that Sierra Leone has a warm and welcoming local population that feels proud to show off their country. However, the travelers need to maintain their security with the right tips, including taking the hotel’s number, a government official’s phone number, and more. One must also be aware of the pickpockets and avoid flashing expensive items in public areas.

Over the years, several factors have resulted in the disappearing wildlife, which was earlier home for diverse habitats. The tropical climate offers a diverse habitat that has four wildlife reserves in Sierra Leone. A wide range of animal species, from elephants to hippos, chimpanzees, lions, and a variety of birds. It has been estimated that over 99 species of fish, 147 mammals, 626 types of birds, 67 reptiles, and 35 amphibian species are in Sierra Leone. After the civil war, deforestation, overfishing, mining, etc., the country is seeing a decline in the numbers of wildlife. Some of the species like the African wild dog are already on the list of endangered species.

Sierra Leone produced the third-largest gem-quality diamond in 1972. Ever since then, diamond mining has become a significant business in the country. The country is known for its mineral deposits and has relied on the mining industry for a long time. Sierra is popular for its blood diamonds that are related to the conflicts of the civil war. These diamonds were mined and exchanged for weapons during the civil war of 1991-2002. That is why the diamonds that are available from that period are referred to as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds.

The Tacugama Sanctuary in Sierra Leone has been experiencing deaths of chimpanzees for over a decade with no explanation. Over a dozen chimpanzees have died due to an unexplained disease, and scientists believe it can affect humans. A newly discovered bacteria linked to this fatal illness in chimpanzees was reported for the first time in Nature Communications. The sanctuary staff has conducted several investigations to find out the cause of the infection but has reached no conclusions yet. Some of the antibiotics have proved to be better when tested on a chimp that recently started developing the syndrome. The syndrome can, however, still result in fatality.